Nature, craft, art, wildlife activities and variety of walks along the Wandle during the day and evening. All activities are free.

Over many years, volunteers and local groups have worker to restore the River Wandle and provide activities to inform and enthuse people about its past history, present state, and future opportunities.

The restoration, heritage and nature projects will make a significant difference along the Wandle. Please read about these initiatives and consider supporting them by volunteering and participating. The projects will only be a success if local people become involved and enjoy the river.

Remember that

  • all events are free
  • all children must be accompanied by adults

Just make a decision to discover our what we have to offer, open brand-new things for yourself and prepare for the next life phase. If you enjoy outdoor celebrations the most, then there are fast pitch outdoor tents that can be set up immediately. They are generally being recommended for newbies and more seasoned campers. Made from water-proof material, they are excellent for all types of weather, especially throughout the wet period. During day you can be a part of celebration, sing, dance, make new friends, have picnics…. Basically, enjoy yourself! And at night sleep in the comfortable tent right there at the festival location.

Think of how many persons you want to bring with you and accommodate the tent beforehand, as this is quite a necessary matter. Also, consider whether you want to bring food with you and cook there yourself or eat at cafes. Don’t forget to bring enough clothing and bathroom facilities. Being planned for everything is the vital to having fun. If you prefer comfort, Wandle can offer you different types of hotels to stay in.

So, anyway, check out our schedule and come over for an unforgettable experience!


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